Zoviz Changed Branding Game by Introducing AI Logo Generator and Brand Kit Maker!

As an AI logo generator, Zoviz continues to offer its users a unique logo design experience. The platform, which offers perfect and professional logo designs in a minimum amount of time, also aims to serve all the logo-related needs of a user by offering branding kit options.

How AI Shapes Current Digital Design and What Zoviz Offers?Benefits of Zoviz

Zoviz, which has been actively available to users as of 2023, is making progress towards becoming an important platform by providing fast design results and encouraging users to serve in their own sectors with a fast branding experience.

How AI Shapes Current Digital Design and What Zoviz Offers?

AI designs are presented to users in several different ways. AI logo makers stand out by providing support to users, especially in the design of logos and branding products, allowing them to quickly manage the design process. Because using an AI logo generator, the user does not have to be directly involved or manage the logo design, the AI takes care of everything for the user.

It is very comfortable to design through the AI logo maker, which is extremely practical and the creative process is left to the user only in the editing process. Zoviz undertakes all the necessary design processes in this field and manages to offer dozens of different logo designs for the user to choose from at once.

Benefits of Zoviz

Zoviz platform, which aims to be the best online logo generator and continues to develop and offer advantageous features, offers two different design offers: logo design and branding products. The Basic plan is for users who just want to design logos, so a user doesn’t have to pay for anything they don’t need or won’t use. This basic plan includes lifetime ownership, standard and resizable logo files in different formats, and technical support.

The following features are offered in the branding kit, which is called a full logo kit on the platform:

  • Instant favicon pack for websites and apps
  • Email signature for files
  • Logo files in PDF, SVG, PNG, and PDF formats
  • Brand style guide
  • Social media profiles and covers
  • Letterhead layouts

Logo files of different sizes are included in the favicon pack to be placed on different websites. Email signature templates can be used for business cards or business documents.

Various designs for profile photos and covers are offered by Zoviz for use on various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram for social media.

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