Why Slingo Slots are Worth Trying Out

Smartphones have become our safe haven, the perfect thing to lose yourself in when idly sitting at home on the sofa, being carried along on our commute to work, or even to escape into during our lunch break or waiting in line at the bank.

Importantly, they provide us with the entertainment we need at any moment of the day when the time arises. There’s no need to plan time, no need to wait till you get home, your smartphone has it all there, instantly, right at your fingertips.

Games of chance and online casinos have provided us with new levels of quality game play which make them an instant hit. With the development of technology in the sector, their games provide instant access and smooth gaming at any time of day.

Slingo slots provided a new twist on the standard slot machine format by combining the game with elements of bingo too, sounds exciting doesn’t it! 

Nothing is done by halves with Slingo. The graphics, sound effects and music make the games truly immersive and fun to play. 

It is available on mobile devices which make it a top game to sign up to and play on the go or at home. With its state-of-the-art technology developments to the product, the gameplay is seamless and enjoyable wherever you want to play.

Keep on reading to find out why Slingo slots are so much fun and how you can be enjoying them right now.

It’s Easy to Play

While the fun is immeasurable, the ease of which you can get started with Slingo slots its perfect. Both slot machine games and bingo games have been popular for generations and continue to maintain their demand.

By combining the two, you are aiming to complete a line on your grid which looks just like a bingo card, now known as a Slingo card.

The numbers spin on and your numbers, on a five-by-five Slingo card are marked off as the slot like reels come to a standstill. 

Extra spins and a few more features and bonuses make the game even cooler and add an element of strategy to your gaming which may not always come into these games when played in isolation from each other.

Variety of Games

Slingo isn’t a one trick pony, there are a number of differing versions to ensure that they are kept up-to-date, edgy and fun.

The original version of the game began with the 5×5 Slingo card on the digital slot machine display. It is the standard format with gamers trying to match all the numbers on their card with a stake per spin.

Bigger payouts and potential jackpots of up to 20,000 times your initial bet, Slingo Riches took the classic version to new extremes. Further bonus features, wild symbols and free spins offers added to the game and made it a potentially more rewarding game to enjoy.

Fewer spins and tougher levels make this version a trickier one to master, but as you’d expect, with a more difficult way of winning, the jackpots are much higher.

Slingo brought us the combination between their game and the popular Rainbow Riches slot machine game. Magic toadstools and pots of gold can boost your winnings even further in a marriage of two of the most popular slot games on offer.

Lastly, for those who are a fan of the Wild West, Slingo hasn’t disappointed and brought their unique twist on the genre where players compete against each other in a tense showdown where the winner takes it all. 

The Experience

For gamers logging in for the first time to those repeat players who can’t get enough, the game provides instant and long-term enjoyment. 

By being easy to play, you can get involved immediately, especially with classic Slingo, and then the further options of games as listed below are easy to pick up from there.

It is an engaging, fun and light-hearted game which is an instant shot of excitement into your day, but always remember it is meant to stay fun. Monitor what you’re spending and what you’re comfortable in committing to the game and don’t get carried away.  

By combining two games with such a rich gaming history in slots and bingo, Slingo has really set itself ahead of the competition by reaching such a diverse and expanding market of potential customers.

Developers at Slingo keep looking at how to improve the product, with potential new spin offs of the classic series in the pipeline. 

The numerous bonus offers and entertaining layout make Slingo so popular and around 55 million customers can’t all be wrong. 

Find the version of Slingo you want to get started with and experience the fun for yourself on your mobile device. We are sure you won’t be disappointed. 

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