Why is Andar Bahar the Best Live Casino Online Game?

Online casino gaming has become a prime source of entertainment in India, offering a range of games from top global providers. Exclusive games like Teen Patti, Indian Rummy, and Andar Bahar cater to Indian players. Andar Bahar, especially popular in South India, transitions from social settings to live casinos online. While it is primarily a game of chance, understanding its rules and tips can enhance your winning potential. Join us in this blog as we delve into the nuances of Andar Bahar, one of the best live casino online games, exploring rules, tricks, and optimal platforms for maximum outcomes.

Andar -Bahar Game Structure

Andar Bahar is a simple yet exciting card game that anyone can enjoy. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, making it easy to understand and play. Let’s break down the basic structure of the Andar Bahar game.

Deck of Cards: The game uses a regular deck of playing cards, without the jokers. This means you have a total of 52 cards, each with its own value and suit.

Objective: The goal of Andar Bahar is straightforward – to predict on which side, Andar (inside) or Bahar (outside), a chosen card will appear. The game begins with the dealer placing a card in the middle, known as the ‘joker’ card, to determine which side to start.

Game Setup: Once the ‘joker’ card is placed in the middle, the dealer then starts dealing cards alternately on the Andar and Bahar sides. Players place their bets on either side, trying to guess where the next card of the same rank as the ‘joker’ card will appear.

Andar and Bahar Bets: Players can place their bets on either Andar or Bahar before the dealing starts. If the card of the same rank as the ‘joker’ card appears on the side where a player has placed their bet, they win.

Dealing Process: The dealer starts dealing cards one by one, starting from the side determined by the ‘joker’ card. The game continues until a card of the same rank as the ‘joker’ card appears on either the Andar or Bahar side.

Winning and Payouts: If the card appears on the side where the player has placed their bet, they win. The winnings depend on the odds set by the live casino or the game organizer. It’s essential to check the payout structure before placing your bets.

To fully enjoy playing Andar Bahar online, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with some basic terms. These terms will not only make the game more understandable but also enhance your overall gaming experience.

  1. Dealer: The person responsible for handling the cards and overseeing the game. In online Andar Bahar, the dealer is often a computer program that ensures fair and random card distribution.
  2. Joker Card: The initial card is placed in the middle to determine the starting point of the game. The side on which the card of the same rank appears first becomes the winning side.
  3. Andar: The term used for the side where the cards are dealt initially, marked by the ‘joker’ card. Players can place bets on this side, predicting that the matching card will appear here.
  4. Bahar: The opposite side of Andar, where the cards are also dealt alternately. Players can bet on this side, anticipating that the matching card will appear here instead.
  5. Betting Limit: The minimum and maximum amounts a player can wager on Andar or Bahar. Online platforms typically set betting limits to ensure a fair and regulated gaming environment.
  6. Payout: The amount a player receives if their bet is successful. Payouts vary based on the chosen side (Andar or Bahar) and the specific card drawn.
  7. Shuffle: The process of randomizing the deck of cards before the game begins. In online Andar Bahar, this is often done using computer algorithms to ensure fairness.
  8. Session: A complete round of Andar Bahar, from the placement of the ‘joker’ card to the revelation of the matching card and the determination of winners and losers.
  9. House Edge: The statistical advantage the livecasino or online platform has over the players. It is usually represented as a percentage, indicating the average amount the casino expects to win from each bet.
  10. Live Andar Bahar: An online version of the game where players connect to a live video stream featuring a real dealer. This enhances the immersive experience and replicates the feel of a physical casino.

Reason for Andar Bahar being the Most Profitable Live Casino Online Game

Andar Bahar is an incredibly easy yet thrilling live casino online game, making it an excellent choice for newcomers to online casinos. The excitement of predicting where the card will land adds to its appeal. What makes Andar Bahar particularly lucrative are its straightforward rules and an impressive Return to Player (RTP) value that can go as high as 97.85%. This means that, on average, a player who bets 100 can expect a return of almost 98, making it one of the most profitable and best live casino online games.

Another exciting aspect of Andar Bahar is the potential for substantial wins. Players have the chance to win up to 4,000 times their total bet, adding a high-stakes element to each round. Additionally, the game offers diverse betting options beyond simply predicting Andar or Bahar. Players can predict where the card will fall in the first 5 cards, the next 5 cards, and so on.

Here’s a breakdown of the return values for different betting options in a general game of Andar Bahar:

Range of Cards Payout (Andar/Bahar) Payout (Total)
1 to 5 Cards 2:1 9:1
6 to 10 Cards 3:1 14:1
11 to 15 Cards 4:1 19:1
16 to 20 Cards 5:1 29:1
21 to 25 Cards 8:1 39:1
26 to 30 Cards 12:1 59:1
31 to 35 Cards 20:1 99:1
36 to 40 Cards 40:1 199:1
41 to 45 Cards 110:1 499:1
46 to 49 Cards 800:1 3999:1

Recommendation for the Best Andar-Bahar Gaming Site:

As the popularity of Andar Bahar continues to soar, numerous online casino providers have introduced this captivating game on their platforms. However, to ensure an optimal gaming experience, it’s essential to consider a few factors. Always opt for a gaming platform that prioritizes responsible gaming, holds a valid gaming license, and operates under the regulations of trusted authorities to guarantee fair play.

For an unparalleled online Andar Bahar experience, look no further than Winmatch as your gaming partner. Renowned as the best online betting site in India, Winmatch is licensed and regulated by reputable authorities, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment. The platform offers a diverse selection of Andar Bahar game versions, including Live Andar Bahar, Andar Bahar Lobby, and OTT Andar Bahar, all sourced from top providers like XPG, Evolution, 777 MOJO, and more.

Winmatch employs the RNG (Random Number Generator) technique for the Andar Bahar game, maintaining fairness and enhancing your chances of winning big. Engage in the live game and interact with the dealer in real-time through chat features, adding an immersive touch to your gaming experience.

Beyond Andar Bahar, Winmatch provides a vast array of over 3000 online casino games, featuring a staggering prize pool of up to 10 Crore, offering ample opportunities for everyone to secure significant wins. To kickstart your online casino journey, Winmatch extends a warm welcome with a percentage welcome bonus for new users, ensuring excitement right from the beginning of your gaming adventure. Choose Winmatch for an exceptional Andar Bahar and online casino gaming experience that combines trust, variety, and the potential for substantial rewards.


To wrap it up, Andar Bahar is a fun and money-making game, perfect for newcomers and pros alike. Its simplicity and the chance to win big make it a standout in online gaming.

Picking the right gaming site matters. Winmatch is our top choice—safe, regulated, and packed with different Andar Bahar versions and loads of other casino games. It’s a guarantee of excitement and chances to win.

So, dive into Andar Bahar with Winmatch. It’s where safe gaming, fair play, and cool bonuses come together for a fantastic online casino experience. Ready for the fun, simplicity, and winnings? Happy gaming!


Q. 1. What makes Andar Bahar a suitable game for beginners?

Ans: Andar Bahar is easy to understand, with simple rules and straightforward gameplay, making it an excellent choice for those new to online casinos.

Q. 2. How does the RTP of Andar Bahar contribute to its profitability?

Ans. The high Return to Player (RTP) value, reaching up to 97.85%, means players have a better chance of getting returns on their bets, making Andar Bahar one of the most profitable casino games.

Q. 3. Why is Winmatch recommended as the best platform for Andar Bahar?

Ans. Winmatch is trusted, licensed, and regulated, ensuring a secure gaming environment. It offers a variety of Andar Bahar versions and a vast selection of casino games for an exciting and varied gaming experience.

Q. 4. What is the significance of the RNG technique used by Winmatch in Andar Bahar?

Ans. Winmatch employs the Random Number Generator (RNG) technique for Andar Bahar, ensuring fair play and enhancing the chances of winning by maintaining randomness in card distribution.

Q. 5. How can new users benefit from Winmatch when starting their online casino journey?

Ans. Winmatch welcomes new users with a percentage welcome bonus, adding excitement and extra value to their initial gaming experience. It’s a great way for beginners to kickstart their online casino adventure with a boost.

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