Ultimate Guide to Booking Ather Electric Scooters Online

Electric scooters are gaining immense popularity in India due to rising fuel prices, concern for the environment, lower running costs, and attractive government incentives. Bangalore-based Ather Energy is one of the most popular electric two-wheeler brands in India known for its high-performance scooters – the Ather 450X and Ather 450 Plus.

Booking an Ather electric scooter online is a quick and convenient process. This guide will take you through all the steps to buy electric scooter with just a few clicks right from the comfort of your home. The process of booking an Ather electric scooter online is seamless and efficient, allowing customers to secure their desired model from the convenience of their own homes.

Steps to Book Ather Electric Scooter Online

Choose the Variant

Ather provides range of exciting models for you to choose from, including the brand-new Ather Rizta, the Ather 450S, known for its reliable performance, the Ather 450X, which is a step up in power and features, and the Ather 450 Apex, representing the pinnacle of their offering with enhanced capabilities and features.

Check Availability in Your City

Other electric scooters is available in many cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, etc. Use the dealer locator on Ather’s website to check availability in your city before booking. 

Select the Showroom

You can either book the scooter online directly from Ather’s website or through experience centres across India. Booking it from the experience centre allows you to check out the scooter personally.

Create an Account

Go to Ather’s website or app and click on the “Book Your Ather” option. This will redirect you to a booking form where you have to create an account by entering your basic details like name, contact number and email address. Ensure all details entered are correct.

Pay the Booking Amount

An amount (depending on the variant) needs to be paid online to confirm the booking. The booking amount can be paid via credit/debit card, net banking or UPI. Enter your card or bank details carefully while making the payment. 

Get Confirmation and View the Dashboard

Once the payment goes through successfully, you will receive an order confirmation message on your registered email ID and phone number. You can then access your online dashboard to track the next steps.

Await Production Allocation

You will receive an estimated timeline for production allocation for your specific order within 5-10 days of booking. The waiting period may be 1-3 months, depending on variant and location.

Get Delivery Date

Once production is allocated, you will receive final payment details and a tentative delivery date on the dashboard. You can then make arrangements for taking delivery on the specified date and time.

Booking an Ather online takes less than 10 minutes if you follow all the steps diligently. Now let’s look at the payment, refund and cancellation process.

Payment Options, Refund and Cancellation of Order

Payment and EMI Options

The final payment can be made through credit/debit cards, net banking, UPI or bank transfer. Ather also has easy EMI schemes in partnership with financial institutions to split repayments over 12-24 months. 

Process for Order Cancellation

In case you need to cancel the booking due to any reason, visit your dashboard and raise a cancellation request. The process takes 7 working days and the amount is refunded to your bank account post deduction of cancellation fee.

So, in a few simple steps, you can book your favourite Ather electric scooter from the comfort of your home and also track your order status.


Booking an Ather electric scooter online is a quick and convenient process that can be completed in less than 10 minutes right from the comfort of your home. So, if you want to join the electric revolution, follow these steps to book your dream Ather scooter without stepping out.

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