Two suspects arrested after Delaware police find cocaine, heroin, and guns at day care with four kids

Authorities said that a daycare they ran while numerous children were present resulted in the discovery of hundreds of bags of heroin and other drugs, along with firearms, which led to the arrest of a Delaware man and woman last week.

According to the Dover Police Department, Jessica Cooper, 29, and Cameron Christmas, 33, were both taken into custody at their Dover home on Thursday afternoon without any problems.

Authorities said that while they were investigating drugs at the residence, they also discovered that The Little Peoples LFCC 2 was being used as a nursery.

Detectives found 93.1 grams of cocaine, 26.4 grams of crack, 302 bags of heroin, 2 handguns, and $32,262 during the course of the investigation.

Four kids were in the creche when the search took place, and they were given back to their parents, according to the police.

Christmas and Cooper are facing numerous charges, such as possessing a firearm by an unauthorized person, posing a risk to a child’s welfare, and having drug paraphernalia in their possession.

Christmas’s bail was set at $93,100 with no cash. Cooper’s bond was secured for $49,700.

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