Trust the Brand: The US Companies with the Highest Percentage of 5-star Trustpilot Reviews

“A brand comes down to one thing,” said the late and very great Steve Jobs. “It’s trust.”

And brand trust is the subject of this latest piece of research from the team at OnDeck. It decided to find the most trusted companies across the entire USA by analyzing and ranking them based on the number of 5-star Trustpilot reviews.

Let’s check out the results.

The Most Trusted Company in the USA

The award for the USA’s most trusted company goes to NCH (Nevada Corporate Headquarters), a small legal firm operating out of Nevada.

NCH specializes in helping young businesses and startups cut through all the red tape and stay compliant. And it appears to be doing an excellent job; over 97% of all its Trustpilot reviews are five stars.

The Most Trusted Company in Every US State

The second part of the study segmented the data by location, highlighting the single most trusted company in every US state.

Sporting goods store Ski Butlers came out on top in the state of Utah.

Another outdoor specialist is the most trusted brand in South Dakota. Hunting goods store Silencer Central, which operates out of Sioux Falls, boasts a 5-star Trustpilot rating of 91%. That’s a lot of satisfied customers.

Hawaii’s most trusted brand is a travel firm (no surprise there). Maui Activities, which runs everything from snorkel tours to helicopter rides around the islands, scored 82%.

The Most Trusted Tech Companies in the USA

Next up, OnDeck decided to find the most trusted US company by industry and sector, starting with tech.

And there’s absolutely no sign of any of the big and established names, like Meta.

Instead, the list is dominated by smaller firms that focus on providing a personal service with a human touch.

Of these, Georgia-based repair shop Vision Computer Inc. scored highest, with a 5-star Trustpilot rating of well over 95%.

“You will be in extremely capable hands with Vision,” posted one customer. “The team guides you through each step of the process. Not only are they efficient and so knowledgeable, but they also care. They make the most complex process seem effortless.”

In case you’re wondering how Meta does on Trustpilot, then the answer is…not good; 96% of all Meta Trustpilot reviews are one star.

“I only wish I could leave a 0-star review,” left one disgruntled customer. “Everyone needs to uninstall their products and stop using them completely. Terrible company with terrible employees. I would trust them as far as I could throw Zuckerberg. Everyone needs to uninstall Meta’s products and stop using them completely.”

Harsh. Extremely harsh.

US Clothing and Accessory Stores that Customers Trust

Watch retailer DavidSW is the most trusted US clothing or accessory store, according to its percentage of 5-star reviews. 98 out of 100 DavidSW customers took the time to leave the maximum score review on Trustpilot after visiting the store.

“This was my first true luxury watch purchase, and they did an excellent job of quick responses to my many emails,” stated one 5-star review. “The watch I wanted was not in their inventory, but they were able to track one down just for me, which was very cool. I couldn’t imagine any better buying experience! I’ll definitely come back here again in the future.”

The Most Trusted Media Companies in the USA

Trust in the US mainstream media is at an all-time low – on both sides of the political spectrum. One study shows that less than 1 in three Americans trust the mass media to report the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.”

Thankfully, there’s still plenty of trust in the smaller media and publishing firms offering direct services to US customers.

Several US media companies scored above 90% in the 5-star Trustpilot rankings, including Morris Press, a publisher based in Nebraska.

MyComicShop is one of six book shops featured in this section of the study. The Texas-based geek haven

has a 92% five-star review rating on Trustpilot.

“Best place in Texas to find rare comic books,” reads one review. “And the staff member knows their stuff. Serious knowledge about comic book history and culture.”

Nearly 100% Trust Rating for PolicyPro

Does anybody really trust their insurer to stand by them when the chips are down?

PolicyPro customers do. Despite operating in an industry known for its shady practices, 99% of Trustpilot reviews for the Texas-based insurer are 5-star. Incredible.

“Just when I had lost hope in finding a lower premium, PolicyPro worked some magic and found me something better with higher coverage! Thank you!” read one review.

Trust in US Wellness and Beauty Stores

The US wellness industry has some trust issues. After all, how can we verify all those ‘amazing’ health claims and benefits?

Well, the proof is usually right there in the customer review. Leading the way in that department is Soap Korner, an herbal store in Denver, Colorado. It scored 97% in the Ondeck study; that’s higher than any other wellness store across the entire United States.

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