Trump mocks DeSantis on the Iowa results in a Fox interview: “Short circuits.”

In Iowa, according to DeSantis, his team had an “uphill battle.”
In a heated appearance on “Your World” on Friday, former President Trump made light of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “short-circuiting.”.

Trump posted on Truth Social, “Ron DeSanctimonious short circuits when confronted with the fact he didn’t win a single county in Iowa.”

The former president shared an interview with DeSantis that anchor Neil Cavuto of Fox News conducted.

“Take a look at Iowa. You know that we succeeded, don’t you? DeSantis stated during the show, “I mean, the governor gave us his support. We prevailed in every debate, including the CNN, NewsNation, Miami, Newsom, and NewsNation debates. We held town halls on television, and the response was fantastic.

“But you didn’t win a single county, right?” Cavuto answered. “I mean… Not a single one was won by you. To your credit, you went to every one of them, but you were unsuccessful in every one.”

“But I also had, I mean, you know, how many people would have been able to handle $50 million in ads?” DeSantis retaliated. “How many could have endured all the headwinds we encountered? We really faced a steep battle.”

“We executed and dug in, and we ran really hard. We succeeded wonderfully, he continued.

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