Trump condemned to pay more than $80 million in E. Jean Carroll’s defamation case.

After rejecting claims that he had sexually assaulted E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s, a federal jury found that the former president must pay Carroll more than $83 million in damages.

Trump was ordered by the jury to pay $65 million in punitive damages in addition to $18.3 million in compensatory damages.

The jury’s decision was made public on Friday by Federal Judge Lewis A. Kaplan.
Trump was found guilty of sexual abuse and defamation last year, but not of rape, according to a federal jury in New York City. In that trial, the former president was mandated to pay $5 million.

It’s completely absurd! Shortly after the verdict was read, Trump wrote on his TRUTH Social, “I fully disagree with both verdicts and will be appealing this whole Biden Directed Witch Hunt focused on me and the Republican Party.” “The legal system in our country is out of control and getting used for political purposes. Every First Amendment right has been taken away by them.”

“THIS IS NOT AMERICA!” Trump continued.

Carroll sought $12 million, claiming that at some point in 1996, she was sexually assaulted by Trump at the Bergdorf Goodman department store in Manhattan, which is located across from Trump Tower.

The GOP front-runner for 2024, Donald Trump, has angrily and repeatedly refuted the accusation. Carroll sued Trump for defamation after his denial, claiming that his response damaged her reputation. She suffered injuries, the jury concluded, as a result of remarks made by Trump in June 2019 while he was still in the White House.

Carroll received $11 million in damages for the reputational repair programme and $7.3 million in compensatory damages overall from the jury. The jury determined that Trump’s remarks harmed Carroll and gave her $65 million in punitive damages. Carroll should receive $83.3 million in compensation, according to the jury.

On Thursday, Trump briefly stood up for himself.

When asked if he had seen his deposition played in court, Trump first said, “Yes.”

When asked if he still stood by his statements during the deposition, he said, “100%.” Indeed.

Thirdly, he was questioned about whether he had ever threatened Carroll on social media or in tweets.

“No,” declared Trump. “I was only defending myself from what I believe was a false allegation.”

The judge disregarded Trump’s statements that went beyond a yes-or-no response.

Throughout the courtroom exit, Trump said, “This is not America.”

Former President Donald Trump leaves his apartment building, Friday, Jan 26, 2024, in New York. Closing arguments are to begin Friday in the defamation case against Trump a day after the former president left a New York courtroom fuming that he hadn’t been given an opportunity to refute E. Jean Carroll’s sexual abuse accusations. (AP Photo/Yuki Iwamura)

In response, the former president accused Carroll of being driven by her desire to sell book copies. Trump and his legal team maintain that Carroll’s claims are untrue.

According to Fox News Digital, Trump has stated time and time again that he”absolutely hasy no idea who this woman is.”

Following the closing arguments on Friday, Trump claimed on his Truth Social account that Judge Kaplan “refuses to allow the Anderson Cooper interview on CNN of E. Jean Carroll, wherein Carroll says, ‘Rape is sexy,’ and numerous other things that totally exonerate me.” Trump was alluding to potential evidence that would be presented during the trial.

“Judge Kaplan is refusing me my Constitutional Right to Due Process, to defend myself against this False Accusation,” Trump wrote in a letter. “This is a one-sided trial in which we are granted nothing and the other side is granted everything. He is a very violent person that very few people have ever witnessed.”

Carroll’s 2015 tweets were captured by Trump last week and shared on his Truth Social account.

Carroll wrote, “How do you know your ‘unwanted sexual advance’ is unwanted until you advance it?” in one of the images.

Additionally, Trump wrote that Carroll “has been ‘all over the place’ on the timing of this alleged ‘incident,’ which never took place, and is being coached by Lunatic Radical Left Democrat operative attorney, Roberta Kaplan, who has sued me before, and just lost.”

“I am the only one who has been injured by this attempted EXTORTION,” tweeted Donald Trump.

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