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The ever-evolving, continuously advancing world of marketing is an element of business not to miss out on, and while specifying and targeting more detail-oriented demographics helps increase consumers and ultimately revenue, reaching the Hispanic community is no different. For too long the Hispanic market and community have been seemingly overlooked for its influence and capability to make an impact in various sectors, but as we are humbly made aware, this has been to our detriment.

Many people may not realize this, but the Hispanic population is significantly present with as much as 1 in 5 members of the US population being Hispanic, this relates to over 19% of the total US population and progressing to 30% by July 2050, and a sector you certainly want to include in your business strategies and marketing. 

But the big question is; how can we successfully reach the Hispanic market more effectively and efficiently, and not simply just offering a translated webpage into Spanish thinking this is enough? The US is known for its globalization trend focus but has lacked in its domestic opportunities to not only increase market shares but also offer increased economic stability, and this is because of its neglect of tapping into the 2nd largest minority group, underserved Hispanics. Until now.

Be the change

In the marketing world target markets are a key element for success and growth, and the Hispanic population has shown to be a big game changer when it comes to buying power. Not only are the consumers becoming younger as we head to the future, but it tells us that now is the time to take hold of this consumer segment and market to them in the best way how that relates to them on a more personal or social level.

Sure it can be tough if your Hispanic employee quota is less than desirable, but by working with high-quality hispanic agencies, ideally, who have a staffing team full of or is only made up of Hispanic team members, your collaboration can take your business to the level you had always envisioned for it. If you have been hesitant to increase your Hispanic marketing outreach for fear of not knowing how, or even why it would be beneficial, then consider the following guides to help with your decision-making. You may realize what you have been missing out on and wish you had understood it that much sooner. 

The relevance of Hispanic marketing in the US

Seen merely as an opportunity or as an option to include the Hispanic community in our target markets or marketing strategy, we need to be thinking bigger and more inclusively, and as a $2.5 trillion buying power entity, making a point to reach the Hispanic community is more so a necessity.

Hispanics are one of the fastest-growing demographics in the US and with a vibrant, positive culture taking the opportunity to connect with them through not only brand creatives but through language, media, and social platforms you can take advantage of the 82% greater likelihood of connecting via social media when compared to non-Hispanics. And gain interest and awareness from the 97% of Hispanics who use the internet in general, whether for social, streaming, or tuning into FM/AM radio stations. The increased interest in connecting and streaming online is because the Hispanic community looks for content that represents their culture and with which they can identify.

You may already know this but Hispanics more often than not come from large families, they are all about community, congregating and celebrating together, and marketing in a way that appeals to this narrative will create trust in your brand and essentially build up your Hispanic consumer’s community. Demographic-specific advertising that touches hearts, and encourages family relationships will boost your persuasion ratios by showing Hispanics you want to be an authentic brand they can rely on. Hispanics are in all industries across multifaceted genres, not just the generic somewhat racial connotations that they can only work in farming fields or factories.

This massive community is a game-changing marketing niche that is filled with consumers at the ready, and connecting with them on their level, and perhaps in their language where and when appropriate will set your company and brand apart from the rest.

A dynamic demographic with a rich heritage

A Hispanic marketing strategy will take some effort on your part, but with the help of quality Hispanic agencies ready to jump in and help, you can be sure this is a community that will change the way you see things and run your business for the better.

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