Top Countries to Hire Software Agency

Businesses all over the globe are looking for experienced and skilled developers who are ready to deliver high-quality software development projects using innovative technologies while remaining affordable and cost-effective. And outsourcing is clearly becoming an increasingly popular solution — according to Statista, the revenue in the global IT outsourcing market is projected to reach $512.50 billion in 2024 with an annual growth rate of 10.99% over the next four years.

Thus, the question is no longer whether it is worth resorting to outsourcing software development or not. The only question is which countries can offer the best conditions for the development of your project in terms of reliability, profit, and quality of services provided.

Today, we will talk about regions that offer the best conditions and opportunities for hiring an outsourcing software development company, look at examples of top agencies around the world, and also explore the main benefits of outsourcing development in 2024. Keep reading to find the best solution for your next project.

Best Countries for Outsourcing Software Development Agency

On the one hand, unlimited access to talent around the world opens up endless opportunities for companies looking for cutting-edge software development services, and on the other hand, such limitless choice makes finding the best outsourcing agency a truly challenging task.

Let’s look at the top 5 countries that offer the best software development services in 2024 in terms of value for money. We will look at the features, advantages, and prices of software development in each country, and most importantly, we will give examples of the best outsourcing agencies around the world.


Eastern Europe has been a leader in the software development outsourcing industry for many years, and Ukraine is deservedly the best country for IT outsourcing in this geographic region. Today, Ukraine is considered the tech center of all of Europe thanks to its strong IT education and a truly excellent talent pool — the country has more than 200,000 highly qualified developers, almost 40,000 technical specialists graduate annually, and approximately 4,000 outsourcing companies successfully operate.

Thus, Ukraine is one of the most promising destinations for software outsourcing in the world and this is the reason why many global giants have already established development centers in Ukraine.

Advantages of Ukraine as a country for software development outsourcing:

  • an excellent talent pool of experienced and qualified specialists;
  • high level of technical education;
  • convenient time zone;
  • the best ratio of price and quality of services provided;
  • no difficulties in communication;
  • high level of English proficiency;
  • global recognition and extensive experience in cooperation with international giants around the world;
  • absence of cultural differences.

Developer salary range in Ukraine

  • JavaScript: $850-$5000
  • PHP: $1000-$4500
  • React: $1100-$3500
  • Angular: $900-$3500
  • Node.js: $900-$4000

Top 3 most popular Ukrainian software development outsourcing companies

Brights. Brights is a leading startup and custom software development agency in Eastern Europe that has been specializing in driving innovation through progressive IT solutions and advanced digital projects since 2011.

Lazarevagency. Lazarev is an advanced digital product design agency that has been implementing custom solutions focused on the growth of any business since 2015.

Epam. Epam is one of the oldest and largest IT companies, which has been helping global leaders create, develop, and implement software that changes the world since 1993.


Poland is known around the world as a country with highly skilled and accessible tech talents and as a popular destination for students who want to study computer technologies. There are more than 3,000 outsourcing software development companies and about 20 powerful technological universities in the country, which annually graduate more than 50,000 educated IT specialists.

Thus, Poland is an attractive region for outsourcing software development for businesses around the world — the IT services market in this country is developing dynamically, and Polish developers occupy third place in the world in terms of key criteria for successful development.

Advantages of Poland as a country for software development outsourcing:

  • annual stable growth of the IT market;
  • the European Union membership;
  • a large number of qualified developers;
  • notable technological achievements at the global level;
  • high level of English proficiency;
  • convenient time zone.

Developer salary range in Poland

  • JavaScript: $1500-$5000
  • PHP: $1100-$5000
  • React: $1400-$5000
  • Angular: $1500-$5100
  • Node.js: $2100-$4500

Top 3 most popular Polish software development outsourcing companies

Software Mind. Software Mind is a global software development agency that has been specializing in providing agile development services to high-tech companies since 1999.

Andersen. Andersen is a thriving software development agency that has been providing a wide range of IT services and developing innovative digital products for businesses around the world since 2007.

Apptension. Apptension is a creative software development agency that has been creating the most innovative solutions and introducing cutting-edge technologies to clients since 2012.


Many global tech giants in various industries choose India as a destination for outsourcing software development — this country attracts businesses from all over the world for many reasons. As one of the largest English-speaking countries in the world, it becomes an excellent choice for clients from the US and UK. And not only quantity plays a role but also quality — the Indian education system pays great attention to technical specialties, annually graduating more than 2 million talented specialists.

Thus, India is famous not only for its rapid economic growth but also for its strong pool of tech specialists — today there are almost 6 million developers in the country.

Advantages of India as a country for software development outsourcing:

  • the lowest developer rates;
  • a huge pool of technical specialists;
  • attractive climate for startups;
  • rapid growth of the economy and IT market.

Developer salary range in India

  • JavaScript: $800-$1700
  • PHP: $1000-$1900
  • React: $1000-$1900
  • Angular: $1000-$2000
  • Node.js: $1100-$2500

Top 3 most popular Indian software development outsourcing companies

7EDGE. 7EDGE is a software development agency that has been focusing on developing innovative products and implementing the latest technologies for local and global companies since 2010.

TatvaSoft. TatvaSoft is one of the oldest full-service Indian IT companies that has been specializing in developing the latest software and implementing advanced digital solutions for businesses around the world since 2001.

Zealous System. Zealous System is a top IT consulting and software development company that has been offering clients development with a comprehensive and customer-centric approach since 2008.


Bulgaria has a high level of attractiveness in the provision of IT outsourcing services for foreign companies, primarily due to affordable developer rates, low taxes, EU membership, good location, and truly talented specialists. Today, an increasing number of international businesses choose this country to outsource software development or open their remote development centers — Bulgaria has a high level of IT education and offers excellent prospects for hiring a team of programmers.

Advantages of Bulgaria as a country for software development outsourcing:

  • high level of technical education;
  • rapid growth in the number of outsourcing development companies;
  • the European Union membership;
  • excellent geographical location;
  • convenient time zone;
  • high level of English proficiency.

Developer salary range in Bulgaria

  • JavaScript: $900-$3500
  • PHP: $1100-$5000
  • React: $1400-$5000
  • Angular: $1500-$5100
  • Node.js: $1100-$4000

Top 3 most popular Bulgarian software development outsourcing companies

Dreamix. Dreamix is a professional IT technology provider that has been delivering software development, consulting, and innovation solutions to global businesses since 2007.

Accedia. Accedia is a leading IT services agency exceeding client expectations and specializing in tech consulting, software development, and digital operations management since 2012.

Sciant. Sciant is an IT and software development agency that has been focusing on taking businesses to the next level by unlocking the true potential of data and technology since 2016.


Georgia is considered a country with attractive and acceptable conditions for starting an IT business, as well as for IT outsourcing. Georgia is located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia and ranks competitively in financial attractiveness, technical skills, and business environment rankings.

This country is at the stage of active development of the IT industry, and the number of strong outsourcing software development companies is rapidly increasing.

Advantages of Georgia as a country for software development outsourcing:

  • low taxes;
  • good technical education;
  • advantageous location;
  • attractive climate for startups.

Developer salary range in Georgia

  • JavaScript: $1000-$1900
  • PHP: $1000-$2000
  • React: $1100-$1900
  • Angular: $1200-$2600
  • Node.js: $1200-$3000

Top 3 most popular Georgian software development outsourcing companies

Fresh Lime Soft. Fresh Lime Soft is a strong IT service provider that has been specializing in providing affordable, professional, and flexible software development services based on the latest and modern digital solutions since 2015.

Antalogic. Antalogic is an outsourcing agency that has been helping high-tech companies expand their capabilities and reach new levels with the help of technology experts since 2016.

Altoros. Altoros is a software development company that has been specializing in software development and industry-specific solutions, implementing the latest practices and technologies, and creating scalable and durable solutions since 2001.

Outsourcing Benefits

  • Unique expertise, knowledge, and experience. Outsourcing software development can help overcome the talent shortage in your local business environment or find the right talents at a more affordable price.
  • Saving money and optimizing your budget. Unlimited access to a pool of talent around the world allows you to find developers with the ideal combination of skills and rates — the quality of services will be no worse than in your country but the cost will be significantly lower.
  • Improving quality and introducing innovation. Outsourced developers may have higher qualifications and more advanced expertise than in-house ones — you can find specialists who apply best practices and the latest technologies in software development.
  • Rapid market growth and continuous improvement of services. Demand creates supply — the number of software development outsourcing companies is constantly increasing around the world, which allows you to find your best deal and hire the best technical talents at reasonable prices.
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