Times When Technology Does More Harm than Good

Ideally, technology helps humanity. Often, that’s the case. Think about how much technology you use during a typical day. You might use a microwave to heat your breakfast before driving your car to work. 

You may check your smartphone dozens of times daily or send emails on your work computer.

However, every once in a while, technology does more harm than good. We’ll discuss some of these incidents right now.

Tow Truck Disasters

Tow trucks represent helpful technology. If a vehicle hits your car, you will likely call a nearby garage if you can’t drive your vehicle in the aftermath. The garage will send a tow truck right over.

What if you have a novice tow truck operator, though? It might surprise you how many tow trucks cause collisions. It’s ironic, but it happens relatively often. They’re such large and awkward vehicles.

If you witness this happen, you might need to know about steps to take for help following a tow truck collision. It’s a nightmare scenario, but if it occurs, maybe you’ll chuckle despite yourself. A tow truck causing a wreck has its humorous side despite the damage that can result.

Text Message Mistakes

Smartphones seem borderline miraculous. If someone thirty years ago had seen a modern iPhone and what it can do, their mouth would likely drop open. It’s something that younger individuals take very much for granted in 2024.

You can do all kinds of things with your smartphone. However, you can also make some pretty serious mistakes with it if you’re not careful.

For instance, if you send text messages a lot, you might commit an error with one of them. Maybe you’ll have several active text chains. You might compose and quickly send a message and then realize a moment later you sent it to the wrong recipient.

That could be a source of significant embarrassment for you, depending on the message’s content. Maybe you sent some private pictures or something equally personal.

You may also compose and send a message quickly before you read back over it. If you do, maybe you misspelled a word or left a word out. 

If that happens, maybe it means the recipient will completely misinterpret your message. Many times, individuals will experience anger with a text message someone sent because of these sorts of careless errors.  

Email Mistakes

You probably also send many emails daily if you have an office job. These days, some people send instant messages instead, but emails still have their place in the professional world.

If you make an email mistake, that can embarrass you just as much as a text-related error. For example, most people have sent an email by hitting “reply all” rather than just “reply.” If you do that, then many people will get your email instead of just the one or two that you intended. 

If your message has private content, that’s a disastrous recipe. Hopefully, in these situations, you didn’t say anything inappropriate.

You might also send an email to the wrong recipient. Maybe you composed an email, but you saved it as a draft by accident rather than sending it.

In any of these situations, you might feel like kicking yourself. They’re common errors, but they can cause problems in your job or personal life quite easily if you’re not careful. If you’re not properly caffeinated or in a hurry, these things can happen, and when they do, you must do some emergency explaining.

Zoom or Skype Errors

Apps like Zoom and Skype have entered the public consciousness in a major way. They existed before the pandemic, but when everyone started working from home during 2020 and 2021, they saw an explosion in popularity.

Many companies predicted face-to-face, real-time interactions via phones and computers before this tech arrived. Movies and TV shows envisioned them as well. They didn’t necessarily envision some of the pitfalls with this technology, though.

Often, if you want privacy on your Zoom or Skype call when you’re working from home, you might close your office or bedroom door. Wherever you work, you need a shutting door so you can keep out the pets and other family members when you’re on with clients or your coworkers.

How many times does that door open, though, to admit a howling child or a barking dog? If you go on YouTube, you can find many compilations that show work-from-home Zoom or Skype calls failing, often with hilarious consequences.

Usually, you can laugh off these incidents if they ever occur. Occasionally, though, they can majorly damage your professional career. Imagine what a client might think if your spouse walks through the camera shot behind you wearing only their underwear.  

Car Technology That Causes Disasters

Car technology keeps coming out, and often, it helps save lives. However, some car innovations can actually harm drivers and passengers. It can happen unexpectedly at any time.

For instance, you may have seen commercials saying you should not text and drive. That is sound advice, but many modern cars feature large touchscreens right there on the dashboard. Maybe you feel you won’t use the touchscreen while driving because it might distract you, but it’s right there, tempting you. 

If you must use it for directions or something else, will you pull over before you let it distract you? The most responsible drivers will, but not all motorists do.

These screens can cause an accident if they become distractions. They’re not the only newer car feature that can cause a wreck, though.

You might have an audible lane departure alert or an audible warning if you have a vehicle in your car’s blind spot. If you’re not expecting that sudden sound, you might veer out of your lane and hit another car, a cyclist, or a pedestrian. This also happens more than you might think.

Technology often assists us, and overall, it’s probably a good thing. It can also harm us, though, so it’s a double-edged sword.

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