The Top 20 Tech Internships Based on Insider Reviews and Recommendation

A tech internship can be a pivotal first step toward a great career. But finding the right company is key, and that’s exactly what this latest study from is all about.

Using data collected from Glassdoor reviews, it highlights the 20 best Big Tech companies to intern at based on reviews of current or previous interns.

This is an insider’s look into internships at the big tech giants, providing invaluable perspectives and highlighting the best places to embark on an internship journey.

The Tech Company That Interns are Most Likely to Recommend

Salesforce is the best company for tech interns, according to the data collected by researchers. In fact, you could say Salesforce is the perfect big tech platform for aspiring leaders. That’s because Salesforce has an almost perfect score, with 99.22% of interns happy to recommend its internship programme to friends and college peers. Impressive stuff.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about their Salesforce learning experience.

“Such a great place for young talent,” reads one Glassdoor review. “Smart people, strong systems, great benefits. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.”

“Supportive team and recruiters,” posted another happy intern. “Work was clearly laid out, and I also had a chance to lead onto the graduate program. An excellent all-round experience.”

“I could not have asked for a better internship,” shared another satisfied Salesforce intern. “I was involved in really meaningful work. Everyone is so friendly and there to support you. Plus, it’s super fun. There are so many events and socials for interns.”

The Tech Company ‘Least’ Recommended by Interns

Let’s turn our attention to the other end of the chart. Of the 20 tech companies included in the study, LinkedIn scored the lowest of all.

But does that mean interning for the professional networking and recruitment site is a terrible experience? Absolutely not.

Although LinkedIn props up the chart of tech companies interns are least likely to recommend, it still scored a very credible 94. The fact that the lowest-scoring tech company still landed well within the 90% bracket is a testament to the quality of big tech internships.

“An excellent experience,” posted one LinkedIn intern on Glassdoor. “So much to learn, exciting projects to work on, and surrounded by the smartest people in the world.”

“Best internship ever,” reads another review. “I learned so much and was treated like an equal. I didn’t feel like an intern; I felt like a peer.”

Who Else Made it into the List?

Many of the biggest names in big tech appear on the list, and they all scored highly.

PayPal, eBay, Microsoft, and Google are present, with all of them scoring over 95%.

Other tech firms interns would be happy to recommend to friends include Adobe, Intel Corporation, and the US software firm ServiceNow.

Big Tech Companies That Didn’t Make the Top 20

There are a few notable absentees from the list, including X (formerly known as Twitter) and Meta (formerly known as Facebook). It might have something to do with the “unique” leadership styles of their CEOs.

Elon Musk attracted a lot of online heat after purging Twitter of almost 80% of staff following his takeover, with interns the first to be let go.

Musk has a track record of never giving his company’s interns an easy ride. According to one tweet from a former employee at SpaceX, Elon once threatened to fire all the interns for waiting in a long line for coffee at SpaceX. He then had cameras installed to ensure it would never happen again.

And Zuckerberg isn’t the most popular leader in the big tech arena. A leaked report from an internal survey at Meta revealed that 70% of the company’s employees were dissatisfied with their CEO.

And there’s also plenty of dissatisfaction among Meta’s current and previous interns.

“Far too much pressure,” reads a post left on Glassdoor. “I didn’t enjoy a single day here.”

How to Land a Tech Internship

But don’t let these exceptions put you off. An internship at a big tech company looks great on your CV, and it’s one of the single best ways to gain experience, learn new skills, and impress future employers.

Tech internships are super, super competitive. Hundreds of thousands of applicants apply for less than a few thousand spots. Statistically, securing an elite tech internship can be as tough as getting into Harvard.

But there are things you can do to increase your odds. So here are some tips on how to land one of these coveted opportunities.

Build Skills: Learn relevant technical skills (coding, software development, data analysis) through courses, online tutorials, or personal projects.

Create a Strong Resume: Highlight your skills, projects, and any relevant experience. Tailor it for each application.

Network: Attend tech meetups, join online forums, and connect with professionals on LinkedIn.

Apply Widely: Apply to multiple companies, including startups and big tech firms. Don’t overlook internships at smaller companies.

Prepare for Interviews: Practice coding challenges, technical questions, and behavioural interviews.

Follow Up: After interviews, send thank-you emails and express your continued interest.

Be Persistent: Keep learning and applying until you land an internship. Don’t get discouraged by rejections.

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