The prolific Roque Santa Cruz

Paraguay is a county that from time to time also comes up with great footballers. All punters can currently make their best online betting – 1xBet is waiting for them to entertain and reward with all its possibilities.

A quick move to EuropeA great player of his national team

One of these great names is Roque Santa Cruz. He was born on August 16, 1981, in Asunción, Paraguay. From the get-go, it was possible to see that he had a natural and prolific talent for football. He kicked off his pro career with Paraguayan team Olimpia back in 1997, where he scored 16 goals in 32 games. The 1xBet platform has the best online betting that can be made on Paraguayan football too.

A quick move to Europe

Santa Cruz quickly caught the attention from European powerhouses. Eventually, in 1999, none other than Bayern Munich decided to sign him. The Bundesliga became his playground, and he scored 31 goals in 155 appearances. Fans of the team knew something good was coming whenever he played. And speaking about good things, the website also allows you to wager on all teams from the German giants too.

But of course, Bayern wouldn’t be the only destination of the Paraguayan in Europe. In 2007 he joined Blackburn Rovers, and he also played in other teams such as:

  • Manchester City;
  • Real Betis;
  • and Málaga.

Overall, in all those teams, Santa Cruz scored a lot of goals and was a huge contribution. If you want to wager on those squads today, visit the 1xBet platform now.

A great player of his national team

Now, let’s talk about his international escapades. Roque was the backbone of the Paraguayan national team between 1999 and 2016, racking up over 110 caps and scoring 32 goals. Additionally, he also participated in 3 editions of the FIFA World Cup, which were the ones held between 2002 and 2010. Enjoy the chance to place a live bet – 1xBet features the FIFA World Cup too.

After all the European adventures, Santa Cruz made a grand return to Olimpia in 2016. It’s like a hero returning to his roots, and the fans went wild. The local legend was back, and it was a feel-good football fairytale.

To sum it up, Roque Santa Cruz isn’t just a footballer; he’s a Paraguayan superhero. Whether he was tearing it up in Germany, navigating the chaos of the Premier League, or rocking the national team colors, this guy left an epic mark. His stats are great, but the real magic lies in the story of a dude carrying a whole nation’s hopes and dreams on his shoulders. The 1xBet website allows you to place a live bet now, which you can also use to make wagers on other great Paraguayan footballers too.

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