The Impact of Football Betting on the Canadian Economy

Football betting has become increasingly popular among Canadian sports fans in recent years. As regulations have loosened and platforms for safe, legal betting have expanded, more people are engaging in football wagering for the fun and excitement it brings. But beyond individual entertainment, football betting has also started benefiting the Canadian economy on a larger scale.

This article will explore some of the key ways in which this pastime activity has started to positively impact different industries and contribute new revenue streams across the country.

Revenue for Provincial Governments

The governments of Ontario and other provinces with regulated sports betting markets collect taxes on operator revenues as well as fees from licensed operators. In 2023, Ontario generated over $138 million in tax revenue from this industry.

Experts project this revenue will grow steadily as the market matures and more operators are licensed. The money is used to fund provincial programs and services.

New Jobs in Technology and Operations

To power their platforms and handle the scale of Canadian sports betting, licensed operators like FanDuel have established tech hubs and customer service centers in major cities. Combined, these companies currently employ thousands of people across roles in software development, data analytics, compliance, marketing, and customer support.

As more operators enter the space, additional well-paying jobs are being created within the industry.

Tourism and Events Benefiting from Increased Interest

Legal football betting has given Canadians an added reason to be engaged with professional and college football games, creating more enthusiasm around major sporting events. This has led to increased economic activity for cities hosting events from visitors filling hotels, restaurants, and bars.

It has also boosted interest in American leagues north of the border, driving up Canadian viewership and attendance for teams near the border on both professional and college levels.

Small Business Stimulus

Football’s popularity as a spectator sport has created the demand for new small businesses related to the experience such as sports bars, fantasy sports leagues, and viewing parties. Entrepreneurs have launched businesses around hosting social betting pools, providing free-to-play contests and other fan engagement opportunities.

These new ventures have generated jobs, income, and commercial activity within local communities across Canada.

Benefits Beyond Major Urban Centers

While the large licensed operators are based in major cities, the economic impacts of Canadian football betting are felt widely. Even in smaller communities and rural regions without local teams, new betting-related small businesses are springing up as well as jobs in customer support roles that can be performed remotely for offshore operators. The increased economic activity has provided a boost to local economies nationwide, both urban and rural.

A Thriving International Industry

Canada has emerged as one of the most exciting emerging betting markets globally, driven by its young demographics and the popularity of football at both professional and amateur levels. International operators are investing heavily to enter the Canadian license bidding process and gain market share.

These companies are bringing capital, jobs, and business opportunities to the country. As Canadian regulations continue to evolve in a progressive direction, the nation has the potential to become a global hub for the football betting industry.

Positive Impact on Tourism and Entertainment Industries

As interest in football grows through increased legal betting engagement, it has strengthened two of Canada’s core industries – tourism and entertainment. Cities with CFL teams have seen tourism numbers rise as more sporting events draw in visitors.

Meanwhile, demand is up for football-themed attractions, games, merchandise, and live entertainment experiences. Whether it’s catching games at a sports bar or attending a football fantasy camp – the rising passion for football driven by betting has had wide-reaching impacts.


When governed properly and conducted responsibly, football betting has shown clear benefits for the Canadian economy. Multiple industries have experienced growth due to increased interest in football as a spectator activity.

Provincial tax revenues are supporting services, well-paying jobs are being created, and local small businesses are finding opportunities. As regulations continue to modernize, the potential is high for the football betting sector to become a valuable contributor to Canada’s economic prosperity if developed sustainably and for the long-term interests of players, operators, and communities alike. With careful management, many more positive impacts could be on the horizon.

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