Texas teenager shoots and kills neighbor after an argument over a dog.

Authorities say a Texas teen shot and killed his neighbour on Saturday night after they got into a fight over a dog. The teen has been placed under arrest.

Rontarious Hamilton, 33, was shot and killed on the 1600 block of Running River Road. Isaiah Kellough, 18, was charged with murder in connection with the incident, according to the Garland Police Department.

Police told FOX4 Dallas-Fort Worth that after speaking with witnesses, investigators concluded that the argument was between Hamilton and Kellough’s family and that Kellough was not involved in the original argument.

According to Garland Police Department Public Information Officer Matt Pesta, “from what we know, [the argument] appears to be over a dog,” he told the station.

According to police, a preliminary investigation showed that the argument turned violent at 7:30 p.m.

But while police continue their investigation, it’s unclear what exactly led to Kellough’s involvement.

Pesta informed the station that “once you take that path, you can’t backtrack.” “This is precisely what took place. It’s depressing for everyone concerned, all around.”

Kellough was housed at the Garland Correctional Facility. As of Sunday, there was no bond set.

According to Hamilton’s family, his two children survive him, the station was informed.

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