Texas man gunned down after 3 men attempted to steal his truck and break into his home: police

According to the police, on Sunday morning, a Houston man was shot and killed after three men tried to steal his truck before entering his home.

Detective David Hicks of the Houston Police Department’s homicide division said the victim, now identified as a 36-year-old man, watched through his home security cameras as three masked men attempted to steal his pickup truck.

According to officials, the surveillance cameras were located outside the house, near the truck. Investigators said that after the three men failed to take the truck, they broke into the home and turned off the lights.

Texas man killed after 3 men attempted to steal his truckTexas man killed after 3 men attempted to steal his truck

The suspects shot the man multiple times once they were inside, as his wife and children were inside the home with him.

Officers responded to the shooting on Castle Creek Drive, where they discovered the victim with multiple gunshot wounds inside his home.

Detective David Hicks stated that the family did not see the man get shot.

According to the victim’s wife, she and her husband saw the men as they tried to break inside the truck. She also told investigators they discovered the husband dead after hearing gunshots.

The man’s stepdaughter told the police she was not inside the house when the shooting happened and said she was not sure why the family was targeted.

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