Texas firefighter in critical condition after fire engine overturns in a crash.

On Tuesday morning, a fire engine in Texas rolled over, injuring three firefighters. One is critically injured, and the other three are expected to make a full recovery.

The Fort Worth Fire Department (FWFD) reported the incident on Facebook at 2:34 a.m. The truck driver lost control at the intersection of Village Creek Road and Wilbarger Street, sending the vehicle crashing into a tree while four firefighters were inside responding to a house fire, according to FOX 4.

Once at the hospital, every firefighter was removed. A firefighter’s status is still critical for one, stable for another, and released for another, according to FWFD.

FOX 4 reports that the person who was critically wounded was removed from the fire engine. According to the TV station, the driver was airlifted to the hospital after becoming pinned in the debris.

The accident’s cause is being looked into. After the crash, another fire engine responded to a house fire call, but it doesn’t appear that any other vehicles were involved.

Fire Chief Jim Davis of Fort Worth stated on social media that “our foremost priority is supporting the wellbeing of our firefighters and their families in this difficult moment.” “We appreciate the support and prayers of the Fort Worth community as we stand by the injured and their families.”

Not until after all family members have been informed will the names of the firefighters involved be made public.

According to a quote from Fort Worth Mayor Mattie Parker in the Facebook post, “Our firefighters are always there for our community, and right now, we need the community’s prayers for their recovery and healing.”

According to FOX 4, the family was forced to relocate and one person was hurt in the house fire.

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