Seoul Labs Launches First Commercial Virtual Asset Wallet ‘ZIGAP’ on SASEUL Mainnet

Seoul Labs has officially announced the launch of its first commercial digital wallet, ‘ZIGAP,’ on the SASEUL ecosystem.

ZIGAP wallet is a digital wallet based on the SASEUL blockchain, set to usher in a new paradigm shift in the blockchain industry. This innovative wallet from Seoul Labs is developed with the goal of providing users with a revolutionary and secure blockchain experience, advancing the mass adoption of the Web 3.0 era.

The ZIGAP wallet will initially expand its services from digital asset management into the commerce sector during its commercial launch, redefining the practical applications of blockchain technology in everyday life. This wallet will primarily focus on universal digital asset management, supporting various dApps and crypto projects on the SASEUL blockchain. As the service platform grows and market awareness of the SASEUL blockchain increases, Seoul Labs plans to meet broader market demands through diversification of services, including membership marketplaces, payments, and NFT.

The SASEUL public blockchain, which underpins the ZIGAP wallet, is known for its fast transaction processing, complete decentralization, and robust security, based on its proprietary engine and mainnet technology. Leveraging these features, it envisions the golden age of dApps, the full realization of Web 3.0, serving as a repository for human knowledge, and laying the foundation for the era of universal computing. Unlike Ethereum and similar platforms, SASEUL is recognized as an environmentally friendly blockchain network, drastically reducing resource and cost requirements for mining. Recently, it surpassed 40,000 nodes, further proving the system’s stability and reliability.

Seoul Labs is focused on initial service infrastructure development within the SASEUL ecosystem. With its technology development and service operation capabilities, the company aims to expand the usability and accessibility of blockchain. It has recently unveiled the SLUSH launchpad platform, aimed at discovering promising projects and securing funding within the SASEUL ecosystem. Additionally, Seoul Labs successfully sold out the 1st and 2nd pre-sale rounds of SL coins being mined on the SASEUL blockchain.

Following the ZIGAP wallet and SLUSH launchpad, Seoul Labs plans to develop and launch various services, including the SLON cloud mining service platform, TAMSA blockchain explorer, SLEX decentralized exchange, and more.

A representative from Seoul Labs stated, “With the launch of the ZIGAP wallet, we will cater to the diverse service demands of digital asset users and provide versatile commerce services. In the future, we plan to support various networks, including Ethereum, within the wallet and enhance the security and convenience of asset management through proprietary technology, such as Non-Transferable Tokens.”

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