See Who We Discovered; Rick Ness and Leese M Arie.

Follow the journey of Leese M Arie, the star of Gold Rush Season 12, alongside Rick Ness. Her previous life is mostly unknown. But in Season 3, she began making her mark as Rick’s girlfriend. Find out about her age, place of birth, and more.

Net Worth

On season 12 of Gold Rush, Leese will co-star with Rick Ness. Nothing else about her previous life is known. What she did for a living up to this point is unknown. She has said nothing about her last positions or line of work.

But in Season 3, her boyfriend, Rick Ness, joined Gold Rush and began working as an excavator and rock truck operator. He eventually showed himself and was an essential member of the crew. Rick has made millions of dollars from the show because he has been a part of it since Season 3. He has a $3 million net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Rick Ness and Leese M Arie. Rick Ness and Leese M Arie.

Profile Overview

Real Name Leese M Arie
Other Name N/A
Age (as of 2024) 32 years old
Place of Birth Wisconsin, United States of America
Date of birth October 25, 1992
Relationship Status Taken
Height 5’4″
Occupation Reality TV Star, and Celebrity Girlfriend
Net Worth 1 million (USD)

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Personal Life

Rick Ness, a Gold Rush celebrity, is dating the Wisconsin native. The two have been dating since November 13, 2020, at the latest. Their relationship is in the Yukon, prospecting for gold and spending romantic time together.

Rick, Leese’s partner, feels she makes him a better person. He is also overjoyed to have his sweetheart by his side after ten years of mining with Discovery Channel.

Early Life

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is where Leese Marie was born and raised. She relocated to Yukon, Canada’s Klondike area, where she stayed for a while before leaving for the United States again. She briefly shared a home in Arizona with Rick. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, they presently reside in the miner’s house. Although she hardly posts about him, Rick Ness’s girlfriend also has a son.

Gold miner and television personality Rick Ness became famous after participating in the reality TV series Gold Rush. When He first appeared on the program in its third season, he was a technician for Todd Hoffman’s crew. Throughout his time on the Gold Rush, Rick Ness evolved from a technician to an experienced gold miner. Eventually, he organized his mining team and assumed management of the business.

Eye Color Hazel
Weight 59 kg
Height 5’4″
Hair Color Black
Nationality American
Boyfriend Rick Ness


Being Rick Ness’s girlfriend, Leese became well-known. When they went public with it, Leese began making TikTok essential for her relationship with Rick. However, Leese kept her TikTok page private during a turbulent phase in their relationship, and she now uses the platform rarely.

Despite this, she still has over a thousand followers on her TikTok page. Rush for Gold, Rick Ness’s girlfriend, also briefly dabbled in reality TV. She appeared briefly in her boyfriend’s Gold Rush program in January 2022. Riley, Rick’s driver, was having problems, so Marie offered to help by operating one rock truck. She hasn’t, however, appeared in any further episodes or developed a career in reality TV.

FAQs about Leese M Arie

Que. Who is Leese M Arie?

Ans. Leese M Arie is a Reality TV Star and Celebrity Girlfriend born on October 25, 1992, in Wisconsin, United States of America; she stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 59kg.

Que. Where is Leese M Arie from?

Ans. She is from Wisconsin, United States of America.

Que. How did Leese M Arie become famous?

Ans. She became famous through her boyfriend, who is also a professional celebrity in acting and other fields.

Que. Does Leese M Arie have a fan club?

Ans. Leese M Arie has a fan club where fans can connect, engage, and support their favorite artist. The fan club may offer exclusive content, merchandise, or access to special events.

Que. Can I see Leese M Arie in person?

Ans. Leese M Arie occasionally participates in fan meet-ups, signings, or events where fans can get a chance to see them in person. They should follow their social media accounts for updates on upcoming appearances or performances.

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