Rescue Story of a Tesla Driver in a Fjord

A passing floating sauna provided rescue for a Tesla motorist who had plunged into a frigid Norwegian fjord.

Shortly after the driver and his passenger—who were just wearing towels around their waists—were saved by the sauna patrons, footage from the event showed rescue personnel dragging the car out of the sea in Oslo.

The vehicle seems to have been driven off the pier at Akershusstranda, where ships berth beneath the charming historic castle and stronghold of the Norwegian capital.

The automobile appeared to be stopped before it abruptly accelerated and ended up in the water, according to a witness who spoke to Norway’s VG newspaper.

According to the article, when the driver pressed the accelerator pedal, he believed the car was in park.

The two “screaming” passengers managed to escape when the car crashed, landing on the Tesla’s roof as the floating sauna approached them.

The sauna’s skipper, Nicholay Nordahl, told VG that the pair had been rescued from the fjord on Thursday by him and two other French nationals on board.

He said that as soon as the automobile sank, he “gave full throttle toward the people who came climbing out of the car.”

We managed to get them up with the assistance of two of the visitors. In the sauna, they warmed up,” Mr. Nordahl said.

While out for a stroll, 51-year-old Vladislav Nikiforov saw the occurrence and said that the automobile “jumped” over a barrier in front of the water.

Before the sauna arrived, the automobile was submerged, according to Mr. Nikiforov. They were required to swim. The water is quite cold and ice.

The floating sauna’s proximity was “very good luck,” he said.

Mr. Nikiforov stated, “I believe they were only in the water for a few minutes.” “The young lady let out a scream. She was in a terrible situation.

Later on, the automobile was pulled out of the water.

Electrical power powers the wooden sauna rafts on Oslo’s fjord, enabling individuals to indulge in this beloved Scandinavian activity in peace and harmony with the surrounding natural splendor.

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