Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich of Tacticum Investments – Information About the Person

Mutavchi Arkadiy is an entrepreneur and the founder of Tacticum Group. Let’s take a closer look at his life journey and achievements.

Mutavchi’s Childhood Years and School Days

Arkadiy Mutavchi was born on 2.01.1970. His parents lived in Moldavian SSR, in a small and cozy town of Ungen’ situated next to the Romanian border. The Mutavchi family was the Soviet intellectuals; his father and mother were legal professionals. Arkadiy made good progress in his school studies. Since the age of 14 has been earning own personal money in his part-time job as an unskilled worker at a large fish farm. After graduation from high school Arkadiy Mutavchi went into military service for the term of 2 years.

After that he immersed himself in his studies, received two diplomas, and passed his Ph.D. defense.

Key milestones of his education process:

•   2001: Graduation from the law school of the Institute of the RF Ministry of Internal Affairs. First certificate of higher education.

•   2004: Advanced studies at the Higher School of Economics

•   2004: Successful completion of the Academy of Public Administration. Candidate of sciences.

•   2010: Second higher education (Economy). Successful thesis defense at the RF Presidential Academy of Public Services.

At the Onset of Career Development

As a young man, Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi was trying to make his business dreams a reality. In the early 1990s, he was employed as a manager by the joint venture Sidjata in the City of Kishinev. There he was responsible for trading with the European countries. It was thanks to this work that Mutavchi Arkadiy managed to earn his initial capital and gained experience, which laid the groundwork for his steady evolution in the world of investments. 

Moscow was the next stopping point for the future shareholder of Tacticum Investments S.A. This city was the epicenter of financial and economic opportunities. In 1992, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich made an arguably right decision and moved to the capital city. It was the time characterized by buoyant growth of the national economy, and people discovered ample new opportunities that Mutavchi Arkadiy also managed to seize. During the years that followed Arkadiy Mutavchi worked hard, garnering his experience and knowledge in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, and investment management.

From 1992 through 1994 he held an executive position with Safety; the company focused on the imports of personal protective equipment from Germany.

Going forward and having earned some initial capital Arkadiy Mutavchi injected capital in his first investment project which had successfully taken off. The project was aimed at investing in land plots for the development of a recreation facility.

Importantly, in 1994 Mutavchi Arkadiy opened his first accounts with a stock exchange for the purpose of trading in securities. It is noteworthy that the Russian securities market was then in its infancy and Mutavchi was one of the first to fill the niche.

In 1995 Arkadiy agreed to the position of Deputy Director of Stalservice, a company engaged specifically in the supplies of drilling equipment. Initially he was responsible for taking care of the company’s legal issues. Yet it didn’t take long until he realized a successful career and grew to become the company’s director and managed its commercial affairs.

The next stage in the career advancement of Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich was Brokinvestservice business group. In 1997 he was offered a position of the director of CJSC Metall-Impex. This company was at the time one of the leading players on the ferrous metals market. The authority of Arkadiy Mutavchi included a range of issues relating with the optimization and reduction of the company’s purchasing costs. Some of his achievements included entering into profitable contracts with the largest manufacturing facilities of Taganrog, Chelyabinsk, and Magnitogorsk.

The abovementioned professional experience working in business entities ultimately enabled Mutavchi Arkadiy to realize his full potential in a game-changing field – investment activity as part of his new company called Tacticum Investments S.A.

From Business to Investments

In 1998, Mutavchi Arkadiy Ivanovich formed Shelda, a company engaged in the wholesale trade in metals and the development and execution of barter- and bill of exchange schemes. The company actively cooperated with real estate developers. His business grew despite the economic and financial crises that plagued the country. Eventually, in 2000 Mutavchi Arkadiy sold his share in the company – on beneficial terms – his partners and went on to concentrate on the trading in oil products.

Profintec was the next enterprise established by Arkadiy Ivanovich. The project turned out to be successful, too. His firm was engaged in the trading in oil products. The businessman’s scheme was to purchase crude oil products and process it using oil refining capacities of his partners. After that – high-margin sales of the end products. In 2002, Arkadiy Mutavchi gave his thought to a lucrative offer and sold his share in this project to his partners. This decision helped the entrepreneur to grow further, which will be described in detail later in this article.

Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi went on to continue his professional development by joining the company CJSC Kungur in the capacity of its Vice President. Kungur was the leading supplier of drilling and oil and gas equipment for mobile installations in the Russian Federation. Within his authority Arkadiy planned to engage in shipping products to international markets and acquire assets internationally. Yet the 2008 crisis made certain adjustments to his plans.  

Apart from his core business the Tacticum Investments shareholder was actively engaged in trading on the Russian stock market, and this is how he managed to amass substantial personal net worth. Mutavchi was also an investor is alternative investment assets, such as gold coins and real estate.

In 2015, the businessman acquired Trigrad, a company engaged solely in investments. The Company’s investment areas included healthcare, real estate, and perspective digital technologies. He served as its shareholder and General Director until 2017. This invaluable experience in investment management with Trigrad proved to be a major milestone for Mutavchi Arkadiy. It helped him make the most important investment decision of his career – purchase of the company which would later become known as Tacticum Investments S.A.

Tacticum Investments

Having gained substantial investment experience and being an influential market maker, in 2019 Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi acquired a company called Long Term Investments Luxembourg. This company was later renamed as Tacticum Investments. It was a rather risky move as the company had been encumbered with significant debts; however, thanks to his competent management the situation gradually normalized and the company began to unleash its full potential. This is how Mutavchi’s successful investment company – Tacticum Investments S.A. – came into being.

The company’s investment portfolio featured multiple assets, including the shares of Pirelli, a famous Italian brand and the one of the world’s largest makers of premium tires. The project proved to be successful, however, the global pandemic and the developments in the global economy in 2023 made Mutavchi somewhat adjust his plans. The investor sold certain assets from the Tacticum Investments portfolio. This move not only enabled Tacticum Investments (formerly known as Long Term Investments Luxembourg) to stay afloat but underpinned its growth in the future.

The New Investment Strategy

Today, Tacticum Investments S.A. is a highly successful private investment company. Its core strategy is generating maximum return on investment by leveraging a wide array of investment tools. The company is focuses on various types of investment, and employs both internal funds and loan capital to execute its investment projects.

The core activities of Tacticum Investments S.A. include:

•    Trading in shares and foreign exchange trading

•    Dividend strategies

•    Investment in various projects and their subsequent restructuring

Mutavchi Arkadiy lured a number of experts with extensive experience in multinational investment companies and banks to join him at Tacticum Investments S.A.

About the Personal Life of Arkadiy Ivanovich Mutavchi

Mutavchi Arkadiy spends most of his free time with his family. Mutavchi has a wife and three children. According to the shareholder of Tacticum Investments his family members are an important incentive that helps him work hard and develop his business. Mutavchi Arkadiy is an avid reader and, as a matter of fact, he managed to amass a sizable collection of books including some rare editions. In addition, Arkadiy Mutavchi authored a number of scientific papers on contemporary economics and jurisprudence.

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