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Mike Bickle is a famous American evangelical priest best known for spearheading the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC). This ministry arranges evangelistic events, training courses, and prayer and worship sessions around the clock. In addition to his evangelical work, Bickle is also an author, and he has written many books on various subjects, including prayer, the end of the world, and communion with God.

Mike Bickle was in the news for accusations of sexual misconduct and abusing his office as a clergyman leveled against him by some former members of his church. In November 2023, he resigned from his public position as the IHOPKC leadership looked into the matter. 

Please read this article patiently; you will discover more about Mike Bickle’s biography, Wikipedia, net worth, age, wife, children, career, personal life, height, weight, body measurements, social media presence, and more.

Mike Bickle’s biography

Michael Leroy Bickle, best known as Mike Bickle, was born on July 17, 1955, in Kansas City, Missouri. Bickle was born into a loving environment; he grew up with his parents and siblings. The identities of Mike’s parents are not known. He has two siblings, Pat Bickle and Tracey, his sister.

Mike Bickle is 56 years old as of 2023, born on July 17, 1955. He is an American citizen, born and raised in Kansas City, in the United States, and of white ancestry. He currently resides in his home in Grandview, Missouri. His zodiac sign is Cancer.

Mike Bickle has attained his primary and secondary education in this locality. He also pursued higher education at a prestigious private school. As of this writing, the names of the educational institutions Mike Bickle attended have yet to be discovered.

Mike Bickle began his evangelical work at the age of 15 after hearing Roger Staubach, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, talk about his “personal relationship with Jesus” at a student convention, which led him to become an evangelical Christian.

Mike Bickle’s Wikipedia

Real Name Michael Leroy Bickle
Other Name Mike Bickle
Gender Male
Occupation/Profession Pastor, author, and podcaster.
Date of Birth July 17, 1955
Age 69 years old
Place of Birth Kansas City, Missouri, United States of America
Nationality American
Star Sign Cancer
Ethnicity White
Education N/A

Mike Bickle’s net worth

As of this write-up, Mike Bickle has not officially revealed his net worth. It is, therefore, difficult to determine his actual net worth. According to reliable sources online, Mike Bickle’s net worth has been estimated based on some key factors.

Mike Bickle’s net worth is approximately $1 to $5 million as of 2024.

He has accumulated his net worth from his work as a clergyman and an author. Mike Bickle makes most of his writing and sales of his books. 

Aside from being a clergyman and a writer, Mike Bickle might have other businesses and investments that are unknown to the public.

Net Worth $1 million to $5 million
Salary N/A
Income Sources Pastor, author and a podcaster


Mike Bickle is a famous evangelical leader with diverse ministry and church experience. He began attending an evangelical church after hearing Dallas Cowboys quarterback Roger Staubach discuss his “personal relationship with Jesus” at a student convention.

In 1982, he formed the Kansas City Fellowship, which later became the Metro Christian Fellowship, a megachurch with over 3,000 members. He also founded the Kansas City Prophets, a group of charismatic leaders who claimed to have had direct revelations from God.

In 1999, he founded the International House of Prayer (IHOPKC), a ministry that provides 24-hour prayer and worship services, training programs, and evangelistic activities. He also developed the International House of Prayer University and various internship programs for young people.

He published works about closeness with God, prayer, and the end times. His writings include Passion for Jesus, Growing in the Prophetic, and The Seven Longings of the Human Heart. He supported Ted Cruz for president in 2016.

Mike Bickle Prophecy

Bickle believes God has revealed to him some of the events and signs that will precede the second coming of Jesus Christ, such as the rise of the Antichrist, the Great Tribulation, the church’s rapture, and the millennial reign. He claims to have had direct revelations from God in dreams, visions, and audible voices.

However, other Christians have criticized several of his prophecies as incorrect, unbiblical, or heretical. For instance, he projected a significant recovery in the 1990s, but it did not occur. He formerly taught that certain Christians would achieve immortality before the rapture but later repudiated this belief. He is also accused of utilizing prophecy to sexually abuse certain people.

Mike Bickle’s Teachings

Mike Bickle is a great evangelical leader who taught a variety of Christian issues, including prayer, worship, fasting, the Great Commandment, the Great Commission, spiritual gifts, and the End Times. He focuses on Jesus, the first commandment, and prophecy to help people prepare spiritually for the end times.

His lectures and materials are available on his website, YouTube channel, and podcasts. He has also written other novels, which you can check out.

Mike Bickle Books

Mike Bickle has written several books on various subjects and topics relating to Christian issues, prayer, fasting, spiritual gifts, end time, and many others. Some of his books include:

  • Growing in Prayer: A Real-Life Guide to Talking to God
  • 7 Commitments for Spiritual Growth
  • Prayers to Strengthen Your Inner Man
  • Book of Revelation Study Guide
  • The Seven Longings of the Human Heart

Mike Bickle Teachings Library.

His teaching library is on his website, where you can find many videos and audio of his teachings. He has taught on various topics that interest you.

Mike Bickle App

Bickle has an app that provides information about his ministry, teaching, prophecy, and other information about him. The app also offers weekly and monthly medications. You can also access audio and video of his teaching on the app. The name of his app is The Mike Bickle App, which can be found both on the App Store (IOS) and the Google Play Store for Android users.

Mike Bickle and his wife

Mike Bickle family

Mike Bickle is married to Diane Bickle and has two grown sons and six grandchildren. The names of his parents have yet to be discovered as of the time of this write-up. He has a brother, Pat, and a sister, Tracey.

According to sources, he admitted to inappropriate behavior with a lady who was not his wife more than 20 years ago but rejected sexual assault charges made by numerous former members of his ministry. He stood down from his public position in November 2023, pending an investigation by IHOPKC leadership.

Parents N/A
Relationship Status Married
Wife Diane Bickle
Children 2
Siblings Pat Bickle (brother)
Tracey Bickley (sister)

Height, weight, and body measurements

Mike Bickle’s height, weight, and body measurements are currently unknown. He has blue eyes and brown hair.

Height N/A
Weight N/A
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Tattoo N/A
Piercing N/A

Mike Bickle is active on social media. You can contact him via his official social media handle, website, or app. Mike Bickle’s email and phone are unavailable in the public domain.

Frequently Asked Questions

How old is Mike Bickle?

Mike Bickle is 69 years old as of 2024.

What is Mike Bickle’s net worth?

Mike Bickle’s net is approximately between $1million and $5 million.

What does Mike Bickle teach?

Mike Bickle teaches about a lot of Christian-related topics, some of which includes. 

Does Mike Bickle have a wife?

Mike Bickle is married to Diane Bickle

Does Mike Bickle have kids?

Yes, Mike Bickle has two grown children with six grandchildren.

Who is the founder of IHOPKC?

Mike Bickle is the founder of IHOPKC.

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