Mauricio Pochettino provides an injury update on Christopher Nkunku ahead of Brentford’s trip.

Chelsea will travel to the Gtech Community stadium over the weekends to face Brentford. 

Meanwhile, Frank Leboeuf has revealed that he does not like how Chelsea manager Pochettino and his players speak with the media.The Former Chelsea and French defender added that Conor Gallagher could reach Frank Lampard’s level.

The French international did not play a part in Chelsea’s 3-2 win over Leeds United in the FA Cup fifth round. According to Chelsea manager Mauricio, Christopher Nkunku will not be part of Chelsea’s trip to Brentford after his latest injury setback.

Providing an update on Christopher Nkunku ahead of the Brentford match on Saturday, Pochettino said: “He suffered a problem in his hamstring, now we’ll see in a few weeks if he can be available.

“Now he’s doing recovery from Sunday, a little bit unlucky, bad luck, because he’s suffered a setback again from another injury I think is always tough for a player who hasn’t played much during the season and that also came from the Bundesliga with some problems.

“Because he was so good in pre-season, I think it’s a difficult season for him, it’s difficult to accept another injury and a delay to play more consistently.

“I want to say bad luck because I don’t have the information and knowledge about medicine and why these types of injuries happen. I’m going to say bad luck because I don’t have another thing to say.”

Frank Leboeuf revealed on ESPN: “I think we should stop asking questions to players and coaches at the end of the game.

“I know exactly what they are going to say and it’s really boring, ‘Everybody’s good, we’re going to do our best’ – those answers are so politically correct. It’s a waste of time.

“You can be honest and say, ‘Yeah, everything was far from being good, we know we have to work’ but instead it’s, ‘Leeds are good, we worked hard, we’re going to do better’ – it’s only to please the media and fans and they’re not saying the truth.

“When I was a player, I was able to say when we didn’t do good. Against Leeds, we should have won, because we are Chelsea. It’s not that Leeds were good, it was because we were average!”

The Former Chelsea and French defender added that Conor Gallagher could reach Frank Lampard’s level.

He added: “You have to keep Gallagher, he’s the spirit of the team for me, the guy who can give them a boos.

“He’s starting to get a little bit of experience and I like his presence, I like him fighting in the middle of the park.

“I saw Frank Lampard playing for West Ham and I played against him… but he has so much weakness. I couldn’t bet on him.

“I saw him improving his game when he came to Chelsea and grew up like crazy. And he became one of the best midfielders in the world.

“I want to believe that Gallagher has that. We’ll see if he gets it.”

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