Know When To Settle Your Personal Injury Case

The majority of personal injury claims are settled out of court. It can be hard to decide when to settle a case, including medical negligence or wounds suffered in a car or truck accident, even though this might be excellent news for those involved. Non-lawyers sometimes settle matters too rapidly, causing them to suffer damages from which they are unable to recover fully. You can get the advice you need from a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer to decide whether & when to terminate your case. 

When should you settle your personal injury case?

Make sure that your medical bills are paid for first & foremost. Even if you have health coverage, you have the right to recover any out-of-pocket healthcare costs, such as your deductibles & copays. In addition, you must plan for future medical costs in the case that your injuries need ongoing treatment & rehabilitation. Remember that additional treatment or new or experimental therapies might not be refunded. Because of this, it is essential to think carefully about your present & future medical costs before accepting a settlement offer. 

Before settling the claim, it is important to evaluate all your past, present, and future expenses, especially medical. Unless the amount is sufficient to cover all the injuries and damages that happened and will happen, you should not settle. However, deciding this alone is difficult because you might not know how to calculate for other expenses. This is why it is recommended to have an experienced personal injury lawyer by your side who can help you with understanding the costs associated and, therefore, help you make a decision. 

What Effects Do Your Injuries Have on Your Workability? 

You must take into consideration the lost income resulting from your accident. You have a right to compensation for any lost income, including reimbursement for days missed for medical treatment or for being unable to work. Estimating your lost pay is a straightforward process if you are fairly certain that you will recover fully. 

Can I say no to settlement if I’m not satisfied?

Yes! You should first carefully review the settlement offer with your attorney. Once done, you can decide if you want to accept or demand more. You can reject the settlement offer if it doesn’t meet your needs. However, when rejecting the offer letter, your lawyer will provide proof of other expenses and why they think you deserve more than the offered amount. The rejection usually happens in a written communication form for the records. 

The Cost of Going to Trial

Accident victims should be aware of what will be demanded of them in the event that their cases proceed to trial. When preparing for their testimony, they may have to work with their attorney for quite a bit of time. The other party might have succeeded in eliminating them. This may be extremely frightening and dominating for some people. Rather than face the stress and psychological turmoil of a trial, they would prefer to take a lesser compensation. However, there are scenarios in which going to trial is the only way to get the money needed for them to start again. 


Accident victims need to think about how long it could take for their case to go to court. Some may take less money now rather than wait several years for an increase in compensation in the future. The process of litigation can be dragged out, mainly when there are complex legal or factual disagreements. 

Can I settle my personal injury case without a lawyer? 

Legally, there are no restrictions on whether you should hire or not hire a personal injury lawyer. If you want to proceed with your settlement process independently, you can do the same. However, there are chances that you might not get the amount you deserve, and you will have to settle for less. 

The insurance company understands when you do not have legal experience and try to use this situation to their advantage. They will try to find as many loopholes in your claim as possible, and when settling for your case, they might go out of their way to convince you to settle for the amount they are offering. Victims often get scared, thinking they should accept whatever amount has been given or else the insurance company will offer nothing if they are rejected. Out of fear and lack of legal expertise, victims end up making decisions that harm their claim or prevent them from getting more than what they have been offered. 

We would never recommend handling personal injury cases alone. You should always have a lawyer with you, as the insurance company cannot follow the wrong approach when you have legal expertise. Moreover, they will also help you understand the right time to settle your case. 

Make sure to speak to a lawyer today!

Having a personal injury lawyer will take the burden off your shoulder and you can be rest assured that your claim will be in the safe hands. Make sure to speak to one today. 

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