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Kaity Biggar is a 29-year-old travel nurse and internet personality from Kingston, Ontario, Canada. She was born on November 16, 1994. Kaity Biggar is famous for appearing on season 27 of The Bachelor Show.

This article delves into Kaity Biggar’s real name, net worth, wiki, age, bio, career, personal life, height, weight, and social media handlers.

Kaity Biggar Biography & Wiki

Kaity Biggar, whose real name is Kaitlyn Lane, is a female internet personality and travel nurse. Born on November 16, 1994, she is currently 29 years old. Originally from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, Kaity considers it her hometown.

As a Scorpio, she possesses the traits associated with the zodiac sign. With a white ethnicity, Kaity’s educational background is not disclosed. However, her expertise as a travel nurse demonstrates her knowledge and experience in the healthcare field. Kaity Biggar continues to captivate her audience online while pursuing her passion for nursing.

Quick Profile Overview

Real Name Kaitlyn Lane
Other Name Kaity Biggar
Gender Female
Occupation/Profession Internet Personality, and Travel nurse
Date of Birth November 16, 1994
Age 29 years old
Place of Birth Kingston, Ontario
Nationality Canadian
Hometown Kingston, Ontario
Star Sign Scorpio
Ethnicity White
Education N/A


Kaity is a travel nurse, based on her Instagram feed. She is identified as an ER nurse in her ABC bio. Whatever her work, Kaity continues the tradition of Bachelor Nation nurses that includes, among others, Noah Erb from season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise, Danielle Maltby from season 8 of Bachelor in Paradise, and star Gabby Windey from The Bachelorette season 19.

Net Worth

Kaity Biggar, known as Kaitlyn Lane, is a female internet personality and travel nurse. Born on November 16, 1994, she is currently 29 years old. Kaity has gained recognition for her engaging online presence and work as a travel nurse. While her salary is $72,874, her estimated net worth is $1 million. Her income primarily comes from her career as a travel nurse and her activities as an internet personality.

Net Worth $1 million
Salary $72,874
Income Sources Travel nurse, Internet Personality

Personal Details & Body Measurements

Kaity Biggar is an internet personality and travel nurse known for her captivating online presence. Standing at a height of 5 ft 7 in (170 cm) and weighing approximately 57 kg (125.5 lbs), she carries herself gracefully and confidently.

With her brown hair and captivating brown eyes, Kaity exudes charisma. While specific details about her body measurements are unavailable, she embraces her natural beauty. Kaity does not have any visible tattoos but has pierced ears. While competing in the 27th season of The Bachelor, Kaitlyn Lane “Kaity” Biggar became engaged to Zach Shallcross and has no known siblings or disclosed information about her parents.

Height 5 ft 7 in or 170 cm
Weight 57 kg or 125.5 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Body Measurement N/A
Tattoo N/A
Piercing Ears
Parents N/A
Relationship Status Enganged
Partner Zach Shallcross
Siblings N/A

Kaity Biggar is an internet personality and travel nurse who has gained popularity through her online presence. With 308K followers on Instagram (@kaitybiggar) and 268 followers on Twitter (@kaity_biggar), she shares her experiences and adventures with her dedicated audience.

While she does not have a YouTube channel, she can be found on Facebook (@kaitlyn.bigga) and TikTok (@kaitybiggar) with 126.8K followers. Kaity Biggar’s engaging content and unique perspective as a travel nurse have garnered her a significant following on social media platforms.

FAQs about Kaity Biggar

Who is Kaity Biggar?

Kaity Biggar, also known as Kaitlyn Lane, is a female internet personality and travel nurse.

How old is Kaity Biggar?

Kaity Biggar was born on November 16, 1994, making her currently 29 years old.

What is Kaity Biggar’s occupation?

Kaity Biggar works as a travel nurse and is also known for her presence as an internet personality.

What is Kaity Biggar’s net worth?

Kaity Biggar’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

Where is Kaity Biggar from?

Kaity Biggar is from Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Is Kaity Biggar in a relationship?

Yes, Kaity Biggar is engaged to her partner, Zach Shallcross.

What are Kaity Biggar’s social media handles?

Kaity Biggar can be found on Instagram as @kaitybiggar, on Twitter as @kaity_biggar, on Facebook as @kaitlyn.bigga, and TikTok as @kaitybiggar.

What is Kaity Biggar’s main sources of income?

Kaity Biggar’s main sources of income are her work as a travel nurse and her activities as an internet personality.

Kaity Biggar Image/Photos

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