Home Crafting Masterclass for Beginners: 6 Essential Tips

It’s time to get creative! With a little time and some basic supplies, you can create some amazing things from home—some useful, some decorative, all fun! Check out these essential tips for home crafting.

Master the Mâché

Papier mâché is an essential tool in any crafter’s arsenal. It’s cheap, easy, and versatile—you can even get your kids involved if you don’t mind them making a mess. Check out a detailed how-to guide on papier-mâché ideas if you need to go in-depth, but the following should be enough to get you started:

  • Stock up on paper: Unsurprisingly, you need paper for papier mâché. Traditionally, crafters would save old newspapers. They’re not as common in the digital era, but you can also use tissue paper or even kitchen/toilet paper.
  • Tear: Rip your paper into strips, rather than cutting it.
  • Liquid glue: Mix simple wood glue or white glue with water to create a paste. Use 2 parts glue for every 1 part water.
  • Create: You’re now ready to go. Simply place the paper strips in the glue and then mold them to an object, such as a balloon or bottle. Cover the object, wait for it to dry, and then decorate when it’s hard.

Create Window Boxes

You can create a window/shadow box using a sturdy box, such as a gift box, and some clear plastic. The former tend to appear in their droves during the holidays. As for the latter, just save the inner plastic packaging from tools—such as scissors, an important tool for crafters—and cut out a square. Use the square to mark a hole in the top or side of the box, making sure the hole is a little smaller than the plastic. You can then glue the plastic to the hole and create your window!

It’s a great idea for fancy homemade gift boxes, dollhouses, or just a storage box that lets you see inside without opening it up.

Create Your Own Stamps

Stamps are fairly cheap and you can even send your own design, giving you a unique rubber stamp for less than $20. But why spend $20 when you can create your own for a couple of bucks?

Pick up some cheap erasers, grab an X-Acto knife, and start carving. You’re only limited by your creativity, and while your first few creations might be a little…abstract, you’ll be an expert before you know it.

Watch (the right) YouTube Videos

There are scores of YouTube crafting channels that are packed with helpful tips and guides. They are easy to follow and cover every conceivable project. But be careful, as some of the most popular channels in this category rely on clickbait content and use editing tricks to mislead you regarding the processes or final outcome. They are made to generate clicks, views, and comments, which often means doing something outlandish just to encourage hate comments.

Some genuinely helpful creators to consider include DIY Crafts TV, Amy Tangerine, MyGreenCow, and Smitha Kati.

Get Everyone Involved

Crafting is a great activity for kids, so if you have them, get them involved. Whether you’re creating collages of family pictures, building your first family scrapbook, or just letting them cut loose with some paints, paper, and glue, it’s fun for everyone (until you have to clean up).

No kids? Bring your partner or friends into the activity. You should also check out crafting communities, whether through the aforementioned YouTube channels, dedicated forums, or social media sites like Facebook, X, and Pinterest. They will give you some ideas, but just as importantly, it’s a great way to share your projects with people who care, giving you validation for all of your hard work.

Finally…Get Organized!

Before growing your crafting supplies, make sure you have somewhere to store them. You don’t want to incur the wrath of your other half by filling garages, basements, guest rooms, or cupboards with scraps of paper and tubes of glue.

Old shoe boxes are perfect for storing craft supplies. You can even decorate them or cut them open, glue them together, and create a bigger box. It could be your first major crafting project! So, save those boxes, tidy your supplies away, and stay organized—you’ll be a crafting rockstar before you know it!

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