Have You Ever Thought About Obtaining a Crypto License?

If you are a cryptocurrency enthusiast or just thinking about the benefits of working in the crypto market, you should understand the perspectives of obtaining a crypto license. With this permit, you can legally provide crypto services to traders in the field of virtual assets and establish yourself as a reliable partner. A crypto license allows you to openly advertise your activities and rapidly expand your customer base thanks to the reputational support of the regulatory body.

Opportunities Offered by a Cryptocurrency LicenseSix Stages of Obtaining a Crypto License

Opportunities Offered by a Cryptocurrency License

A crypto broker license gives an opportunity to choose which services you are going to offer in the cryptocurrency industry:

  • Exchange crypto for fiat money
  • Exchange crypto for other types of crypto
  • Offer the storage services for clients’ crypto assets
  • Make an initial coin offering
  • Offer opportunities for crypto trading

Crypto services licensing providers allow the state to control transactions with cryptocurrencies. That is why your clients will never doubt the honesty of your company and commitment to the stated policy.

Six Stages of Obtaining a Crypto License

  1. Choosing a jurisdiction depending on your goals, capabilities, and target audience
  2. Registering a legal entity within a given jurisdiction
  3. Collecting a complete package of documents according to the regulators’ requirements
  4. Appointing a responsible representative who will handle the submission of your documents to government agencies
  5. Paying all fees required by the government
  6. Obtaining a license

At first glance, the procedure may seem overly tedious. But if you get legal support from Fintech Harbor Consulting LTD, you will make minimum efforts, such as providing the basic information required by the regulator. Fintech Harbor will perform all other tasks, like preparing documents and submitting them to government authorities. The company has experience working in crypto-friendly jurisdictions, such as the USA, Hong Kong, Estonia, the UK, and Malta. Thus, the specialists will guide you through the process, showing you the shortest way to getting a crypto license.

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