GOP Presidential Race: Lisa Murkowski Endorses Nikki Haley In 2024

On Friday, Nikki Haley received her first Senate endorsement from Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska who has been a prominent opponent of former President Donald Trump.

Ahead of Tuesday’s Alaska GOP primary, Murkowski said, “America needs someone with the right values, vigor, and judgment to serve as our next President—and in this race, there is no one better than her.”

The senator said, “Nikki will be a strong leader and uphold the Republican Party’s ideals while serving as President for all Americans.”

Murkowski, who supported Trump’s conviction in his impeachment hearing on January 6th, has been harshly critical of the president’s demeanor and tone, lately stating that his speech is “poisoning our country.” Haley has only endorsed her twice in Congress.

Republicans like Murkowski and Haley are currently alone in their party. Despite being charged with 91 felonies in several states, Trump won all four of the early GOP presidential nomination contests and is supported by over 130 Republicans in the House and over 30 Republicans in the Senate.

It’s “very possible,” as Haley conceded earlier this week, that the GOP has totally transformed into Trump’s party.

The former US ambassador to the UN stated on CNN, “What we’re doing is giving them an option if 70% of Americans say they don’t want Donald Trump or Joe Biden.”

Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) announced this week that he will resign from his position as the leader of his party in the Senate, ending nearly two decades of service in that capacity. This statement further highlighted the GOP’s startling shift from Ronald Reagan’s conventional conservatism to Trump’s populist isolationism.

Even in the unlikely event that Trump loses the 2024 presidential contest, his replacement is probably far more in line with his views.

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