Atlas Monroe Net Worth: What Happened after Shark Tank?

Try Atlas Monroe’s delicious plant-based vegan comfort food with signature fried chicken. Learn more about Deborah and Jonathan Torres from San Diego, California, and how they got into Shark Tank.

What is Atlas Monroe

Atlas Monroe is a plant-based food company known for its delicious and innovative vegan comfort food, particularly their signature fried chicken.

Atlas Monroe Founders

San Diego, California, is the hometown of Deborah and Jonathan Torres. The product was created by Deborah, even though the married couple proposed the company together. Her parents moved to the United States, and she grew up in Silicon Valley. Although her mother resides in the UK, her father is from Guyana.

She grew up consuming a variety of foreign cuisines as a result. A big part of her family’s legacy was fried chicken, as her two grandmothers also had restaurants. Atlas Monroe is worth $7 million.

Atlas Monroe: Shark Tank Appearance

2019 Deborah and her spouse went to Shark Tank with their innovation. They proposed to give $5,000 in return for 10% of their company. The sharks were given samples and were all pleased with the product. The talk immediately became hostile as statistics and values were thrown about. Barbara Corcoran thought it was too early to invest in the firm. But Mark Cuban, the vegetarian, found it fascinating.

Initially proposing $500,000 for a 30% share, Cuban eventually convinced guest investor Rohan Oza to submit a bid for the entire firm. They made the Torres an offer of $1 million plus a royalty of 10% on sales, but they turned it down and left empty-handed.

Atlas Monroe: After Shark Tank

Although declining a million-dollar offer must have been difficult, the founders made the correct choice! Following Shark Tank, Atlas Monroe’s sales boom resulted in the acquisition of a San Diego production plant. They now hold the title of “world’s largest manufacturer of plant-based fried chicken.” They accepted many pre-orders and filled them a few months later to raise money for the facility. Fortunately, clients were understanding and eager to help.

The company was generating one million pounds of chicken by the end of 2021. Since appearing on Shark Tank, the business has sold over $2 million under Deborah’s direction, and they are expected to reach $5 million in revenue by 2021. Although the business has not disclosed any new sales data since then, Atlas Monroe is said to be generating more than $5 million annually.

They currently produce more plant-based meat than chicken. They now provide more than 50 eateries countrywide, moving beyond the direct-to-consumer model. Deborah also stated in an interview that she disliked how the show represented her. The deceptive adjustments implied her need for more understanding of the figures.

Are all Atlas Monroe products vegan?

Yes, all Atlas Monroe products are 100% vegan. They do not contain any animal products or by-products.

Where can I buy Atlas Monroe products?

Atlas Monroe products can be purchased online through their official website. They also occasionally participate in pop-up events and collaborations with food vendors.

Are Atlas Monroe products gluten-free?

While Atlas Monroe offers some gluten-free options, not all their products are gluten-free. It’s essential to check the product labels or descriptions for specific dietary information.

Can Atlas Monroe products be shipped internationally?

Atlas Monroe ships their products internationally, but availability and shipping costs may vary depending on the destination.

How long do Atlas Monroe products last?

Atlas Monroe products are made using high-quality ingredients and can have a shelf life of up to several months when stored properly. It’s best to check the product packaging or contact customer support for specific storage and expiration information.

Are Atlas Monroe products soy-free?

Some Atlas Monroe products are soy-free, but it’s essential to review the ingredient list for each product, as ingredients may vary.

Can I find Atlas Monroe products in grocery stores?

Atlas Monroe products are primarily available for purchase through their online store. However, they may occasionally partner with select grocery stores or retailers for limited distribution.

Does Atlas Monroe offer catering services?

Yes, Atlas Monroe offers catering services for events and gatherings. They can provide various vegan comfort food options to cater to different tastes and preferences.

Does Atlas Monroe have any allergen information available?

Yes, Atlas Monroe provides product allergen information on their website and packaging. Reviewing this information if you have any specific dietary restrictions or allergies is essential.

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