American Men Prefer Foreign Women – Here’s Why

The Internet was a revolution without any fighting. And that revolution continues today, as newer and newer technology keeps transforming our online lives and changing everything from how we shop to how we go to school to how we communicate with each other. We have come to love our screens.

One major part of this revolution has been the globalization of our perspective. We no longer learn about countries and cultures in geography textbooks. We can take virtual tours of any place on the planet and connect with people who live there. Our world is getting quite small.

For men, this revolution has opened up a whole new world of foreign women for marriage whom they can now meet via online websites such as those provided by, a clearing house of sorts that reviews and recommends the best platforms. And on these mail-order bride websites, they can connect with foreign women who are also looking for them.

All of this may explain some of the surge in American men choosing to marry foreign women but certainly not all of it. They are finding that they prefer them over American women because of qualities and traits they want that they do not find at home.

So, just what are these characteristics they prefer? Time to take a look.

Today’s American Woman

First, a disclaimer. The following description is a general one and may not apply to all modern American women. But it is typical enough to be considered a definite trend. Here is where she seems to be:

  • She’s highly focused on her own goals and will go after them with gusto.
  • She sees herself in a competitive situation with men in the workplace, in sports, and in other areas of life.
  • She wants efficiency in her life – a hairstyle that is easy to care for (either short or long enough to put in a bun or ponytail); clothing that does not have to be ironed or dry-cleaned and that is more unisex, especially business-casual at work; meals that are delivered or ordered at drive-thru restaurants, etc.
  • She is fiercely independent and values her freedom. She often prefers a “living together” arrangement with a man, because it is easier to dissolve it when there are problems or issues. And given the divorce rate in the U.S., she seems to approach marriage in the same way.
  • If she is married with children, those kids spend a lot of time in daycare or with nannies. And in the evenings, she (and her husband) spend much of their time on screens socializing or with work-related tasks. She is happy to put her kids on screens too. Quality family time is on the decline.

Now, this is not to say that all American men find these traits uncomfortable or negative. But when they do go online and find foreign women whose traits beckon them, they often find that they prefer their values and lifestyles.

So let’s unpack what American men find out as they meet and connect with a mail-order bride online.

The Attraction of Foreign Women

Most mail-order brides come from three major regions of the world – Europe, Asia, and Latin America. While they are very different physically, they are beautiful in their uniqueness. But in that uniqueness, they do have some common characteristics that American men value.


While American women are shedding their focus on being feminine, foreign women are not.  They love to wear attractive dresses and skirts; they put on makeup every day even if just staying at home or running common errands. Their hair is always beautifully styled.

Foreign women like their men to be attentive, to open doors for them, to make small romantic gestures, and to be protective of them. These things appeal to a man’s masculinity and make him feel appreciated and needed.

Attitude toward marriage and divorce

American women tend to have a pretty casual attitude about marriage and divorce. If things don’t work out, or when major issues arise, they see divorce as an easy way out. And it’s easy to get a divorce in America. What’s more, the marriage rate is declining in America, as more women opt for living arrangements that they can easily get out of.

Foreign women see things quite differently. For them, marriage is a permanent, forever thing. When there are issues or challenges in a marriage, they resolve to work through them and save the marriage above all else. They do not see divorce as an option. American men who are looking for a forever wife find this value and attitude compelling.

Family values

We’ve already discussed how American women opt for convenience in this aspect of their lives. Their goals and needs seem to preclude quality time with their husbands and kids, as they focus on convenience and efficiency. 

A foreign mail-order bride approaches this very differently. She may be educated and have a career, but her family remains her top priority. When her work day is over, her quality family time begins. She will cook nutritious meals and often involve her family in their preparation. They will eat together as a family and talk about their days.

The evening is for quality family time. They will help their children with their homework; they will talk, maybe play some games, or have a family outing. Non-work time is a time for family bonding, for attending children’s activities and events together, and nurturing the closeness that a real family means.

It’s a New World for American Men

If you are looking to find your wife who is not a competitor but instead a full partner in a forever marriage, who is there for the long-haul, and who will place value on your marriage above all other things, then seeking a mail-order bride may be the very best decision you have ever made. You will feel needed, respected, masculine, and filled with happiness and satisfaction.

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